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Psallam spiritu et mente — With spirit and understanding




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The RSCM and its Mission

The RSCM is an ecumenical Christian charity.

The core purpose of the RSCM is education.

Through its educational mission the RSCM aims to encourage and inspire:

  • good use of music, above all in Christian worship;

  • the highest standards appropriate to each individual church and community, taking into account resources and circumstances;

  • a culture of learning through practice, experience and reflection, leading to the development of both skills and understanding;

  • individuals to engage in education and training in order to serve their church or community, and to fulfil the RSCM’s mission at a local level.

The Royal School of Church Music


Her Majesty the Queen


His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury


Rt Hon Lord Brian Gill [click here for a link to Lord Gill's biography]


Andrew Reid

Registered Office and Administrative Centre

Sarum College

19 The Close



United Kingdom

Registered charity: 312828

Registered in London as a company limited by guarantee: 250031

The RSCM as an Organization

The RSCM consists of an international network of affiliated groups and individual members, co-ordinated nationally and/or regionally through voluntary committees, guided, enabled and supported by an administrative staff, with an administrative centre at Sarum College, Salisbury, Wiltshire. Common to everyone in the RSCM is the belief that music, and specifically music in worship, matters.

RSCM Governance

The RSCM is governed and guided by three bodies: a council, an advisory board, and an association. The RSCM is both a registered charity and a registered company limited by guarantee.

The RSCM Council

The RSCM Council consists of the Trustees of the charity – a chairman and 12 members. They take responsibility internationally for the good name of the RSCM, granted by Royal Charter, and its good standing. They are accountable to the membership of the RSCM Association. Council is responsible for the policies of the RSCM. Council meets five or six times each year, and as necessary in smaller ad hoc groups.

The RSCM Advisory Board

The RSCM Advisory Board offers advice and support to, and is available for consultation by Council and the Director. The Board has up to 35 members, including all members of Council. Of the 35, seven are elected by the members of the Association.

The RSCM Association

The RSCM Association consists of all Individual Members and all Area and National Chairmen and Secretaries. Members of the Association are the members of the company limited by guarantee, of whom the Trustees are the directors, and the Director is the chief executive.

Chairman of Council

Lord Brian Gill

Company Secretary

Nicholas Speller

RSCM Staff

The principal functions of the RSCM staff are administration and management – guiding, enabling and supporting the membership and voluntary networks. All RSCM staff have a primary responsibility to the membership.

The work of the RSCM is co-ordinated and overseen by the Director. As principal officer, the Director is accountable to the RSCM Council for the vision, strategy, leadership and operation of the RSCM.

The administration and management of the RSCM falls into five principal portfolios:

  • Operation and Finance (The Bursary);

  • Education and Training (The Wardenry);

  • Volunteers and Committees (RSCM Voluntary Networks);

  • Resources (RSCM Press and RSCM Music Direct);

  • Fund-raising, Marketing and Public Relations (RSCM Development Office).

Each portfolio is administered and managed by a Senior Executive Officer.

Director   Download Director's Profile (Acrobat)

Lindsay Gray


Nicholas Speller

Director, RSCM Voluntary Networks (Based in Ripon)

Gordon Appleton

Head of Education

Sue Snell

Head of Publishig

Tim Ruffer

Marketing and Business Adviser

Alan Mitchell

Contact details

Sarum College

19 The Close



United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1722 42 48 48

Fax: +44 (0) 1722 42 48 49


The RSCM Motto

Psallam spiritu et mente

With spirit and understanding

This verse comes from St Paul's 1st Letter to the Church in Corinth (1 Corinthians 14: 15). As with all scripture, we need to read this verse in context. The website Bible Gateway gives us an opportunity to read this text in several different versions (and languages), and so help us to understand what the author meant.

Online Shop

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the new RSCM web shop. We have listened to your comments and completely redesigned the site to make it more user-friendly. You can visit the new site at:

RSCM Affiliates and Individual Members can log in to gain membership benefits

RSCM Affiliates receive 25% discount on RSCM publications, medals and ribbons and (UK only) invoicing on account. Individual members receive 12.5% discount on RSCM publications, and can also purchase medals, ribbons and other items exclusive to members.

We will continue to develop the website with the addition of cover images, pdfs of sample pages and sound samples, so please do come back to have a look regularly.

Let us know what you think...

We will be delighted to hear your comments about the new web shop. Please email us at

In the meantime, may I thank you for your continued support of the RSCM. Remember, all profits from RSCM Press and Music Direct go directly to supporting the vital educational work of the charity.

UK affiliates

UK affiliates can take advantage of their Music Direct credit account by logging in. The prices shown after logging in are inclusive of any applicable member’s discounts.

Overseas affiliates

Overseas affiliates may log in using their Member Key as both the username and password. Logging in ensures that any applicable discounts are applied, but you will need to have your credit card handy to pay for the transaction. We regret that we are unable to extend credit to our overseas affiliates at the present time.

Other RSCM members and private customers

All other members are invited to shop as private customers and to do this you are not required to log in. Simply browse the catalogue, place items into your shopping basket and enter your credit card details when you checkout.

We cannot offer individual members their usual 25% discount on individual RSCM-published items purchased via the website. To take advantage of your discount, mail or telephone us with your order, which we will process as quickly as possible. We hope to be able to include individual member discounts online later.

The RSCM International Organization

The RSCM consists of an international network of affiliated groups and individual members. These are co-ordinated nationally or regionally through voluntary committees. National and regional committees are guided, enabled and supported by the RSCM administrative staff, whose administrative centre is at Sarum College, Salisbury, England. Common to everyone in the RSCM is the belief that music, and specifically music in worship, matters.



Contact Details

Co-ordinator R Allison

P O Box 17177, Benoni West, South Africa 1503

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