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Psallam spiritu et mente — With spirit and understanding



The RSCM is an ecumenical Christian charity.

The core purpose of the RSCM is musical education for Christian worship.

Through its educational mission the RSCM aims to encourage and inspire good use of music, above all in Christian worship;

  • the highest standards appropriate to each individual church and community, taking into account resources and circumstances;

  • a culture of learning through practice, experience and reflection, leading to the development of both skills and understanding;

  • individuals to engage in education and training in order to serve their church or community, and to fulfil the RSCM’s mission at a local level.

South African National Body

In 2006 the RSCM S A National Body was launched, This brought RSCMSA into line with the recommendations and requirements from the RSCM Council in the United Kingdom and the new National Constitution.


The Royal School of Church Music is an interdenominational organisation promoting Church Music worldwide. Its members are made up of individuals and affiliated choirs.

RSCMSA Branches

The RSCM in South Africa now has five branches:



Contact Details

Co-ordinator R Allison

P O Box 17177, Benoni West, South Africa 1503

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